The best of
both worlds
We have the global reach of Unilever

The best of
both worlds
We have the agility of a venture capital team

The best of
both worlds
We scale businesses and grow strong brands

We are Unilever Ventures

Agility with scale

Unilever Ventures is the venture capital and private equity arm of Unilever. We invest in young, promising companies, accelerating growth by providing access to Unilever’s global ecosystem, assets and expertise. We’re looking for tomorrow’s world-beaters in Personal Care and Digital.

Access to Unilever

We provide access to a company with unrivalled global reach. On any given day, two billion people use Unilever products to look good, feel good and get more out of life. With more than 400 brands focused on health and wellbeing, no company touches so many people’s lives in so many different ways.

Unilever Ventures works closely with The Unilever Foundry to provide technology innovators with access to paid pilot projects, mentorship and growth financing.

Unilever Ventures at a glance

  • Founded in 2002
  • €450 million under management
  • Over 40 direct investments
  • Hundreds more via equity partners
  • Operations in Europe, North America and Asia
  • 3rd fund launched in 2014 focused on Personal Care and Digital

Unilever group at a glance

  • More than 174,000 employees
  • Turnover of €48.4 billion in 2014 with products sold in over 190 countries
  • Uniquely positioned in emerging markets (57% of the business)
  • Annual Brand and Marketing investment budget of more than €7bn
  • #1 Corporate Sustainability Leader for 4th year in a row
  • Around €1 billion invested every year in R&D

"Unilever Ventures combine the strategic and financial benefits of a solid venture capital firm with the unique ability to leverage Unilever, helping us to tune our proposition so that we could appeal to large consumer goods companies."John Kearon, Brainjuicer CEO & Founder

"Unilever Ventures have been instrumental in helping SNOG build the infrastructure and team capable to deliver on our joint ambitions"Anna Ghee, CEO, SNOG Pure Frozen Yoghurt Ltd

"They have helped us to attract other financial investors to provide the funding we have needed to grow the business."Donald Fitzmaurice, CEO, Brandtone Holdings Limited.

"UV’s operating model allows small companies to combine their entrepreneurial spirit with strong financial discipline."Brendan Harris, Chairman & CEO, Froosh AB

"Unilever Ventures has been an important partner in helping us grow and nurture our vision through capital infusion and access to a global network of experts and resources"Naveen Bhavanishankar, Founder, B.Lab

"Unilever Ventures has been critical to the difficult decisions a rapidly growing company faces."Bryan Brister, CEO, Voltea

What we do

Expertise that counts

Voted most influential Corporate Venture fund in the consumer sector, Unilever Ventures brings together an experienced and flexible team of investment and operational experts with a proven track record of creating market-leading consumer and tech companies. We play to our strengths and value people for theirs.

We can help…

Develop a brand

We fundamentally understand brands. We know how to build, nurture and protect them.

Build competitive edge

As part of a global CPG ecosystem, we can fine-tune a business’s strengths.

Turbo-charge a business

We have access to substantial in-house Unilever resources: a coach, a local expert, even a transformational client. Unilever is the 2nd largest advertiser in the world.

Strengthen the financial base

As a committed partner; we are able to provide critical follow-on financing to take a business to the next level.

Through unrivalled capabilities in:

Consumer insight

Deeper consumer and market understanding through Unilever’s global market intelligence.


Improved brand awareness through insight-driven branding, communication and media planning.

Supply chain

Cost savings and best practice across procurement, logistics and manufacturing.


Strengthened scientific credibility through new technology, formulation capabilities, clinical studies and IP assessment.


Brand protection, and regulatory and legal expertise for international rollout.


Geographic and channel expansion from introductions in traditional retail, foodservice and drug/pharmacy.

How we work

Investing with a long term view

We take a long-term view on companies’ performance. We encourage a long-term perspective and motivate key managers by providing them with significant incentives.

Investing with integrity

As the venture capital and private equity arm of Unilever, our corporate reputation is of the utmost importance to us. We approach everything we do with integrity.

Investing with a shared goal

We work closely with a company to establish a strategic and operating plan to maximise long-term equity value. We always look for ways to leverage the scale of Unilever. We only succeed when you do.

Investing with flexibility

Whilst we are tightly focused on key sectors we understand that different companies have different needs, so we are flexible in the structure, size and stage of our investments.

Direct or partner-led

We invest in businesses directly, but we also co-invest alongside a selection of hand-picked funds who share our sector focus.

Early or later

We invest in early and later stage businesses ranging from new growth capital to pre-exit funding. We mainly look for a proven model – seed investments are rare.

or minority

We’re generally an active minority shareholder with a seat on the board, but we’re open to majority stakes – on our own or in collaboration with partner funds.

Large or small

Our direct investments range from €250k to €15m with a sweet spot of €8m to €10m. Significantly larger investments can be considered for highly strategic opportunities.

Global or local

We primarily invest in Europe, North America and Asia. However, we will continue to invest elsewhere if the opportunity is right.

What we're looking for

Passion, innovation, disruption

Great companies led by outstanding, passionate people – unless we’re confident that a team can deliver, we won’t invest.

Genuine innovation – brands that create defendable, sustainable, profitable positions.

Differentiated businesses with clear opportunities for global expansion that can disrupt or compete with market leaders in our target sectors.

Companies that could benefit from Unilever’s global reach, market and consumer knowledge and its capabilities.

Personal care

We’re looking for an authentic brand story which fuses beauty with superior technology and draws upon advances in science or the riches of nature to provide a great consumer experience.

We are focused on premium opportunities in cosmeceuticals/nutraceuticals, professional skincare, natural skincare and haircare, beauty devices, hair loss and scalp health, male grooming and digitally enabled beauty businesses. We also look for ground-breaking technologies that could play a role in new innovations in Unilever personal care brands.


We’re looking for products and businesses that delight consumers and have the potential to disrupt category ’norms’. We look for evidence of focus and ambition in exceptional branding, product delivery or a unique channel approach – eCommerce models are a bonus. Premium opportunities in tea, frozen desserts and functional beverages are most attractive.


Digital technologies are transforming nearly every aspect of the consumer journey. Unilever Ventures is seeking investments in dynamic, digitally-powered marketing businesses which can allow companies like Unilever to deliver a better return on their marketing investments and engage more deeply with consumers - at-shelf, on-line, and on-mobile.

Key focus areas include content creation, data analytics, ecommerce, Internet of Things, mobile marketing, social media, and video in both developed and emerging markets.

Sustainable living

We’re looking to invest in new technologies and business models which improve health and wellbeing and reduce environmental impact. In particular, we seek to enhance Unilever’s brands through science; to provide safe drinking water and sanitation; to improve traceability through software (SaaS) and hardware (flexible microelectronics); to reduce waste, cost and material usage; and to drive sustainable behaviour change.


Intercos Group

Leading global supplier and strategic innovation partner to the colour cosmetics and skincare industry.



Personalised Precision Skincare from France.

REN Master Logo

Clean Skincare focused on Performance, Purity and Pleasure.


High tech beauty devices, topicals and intelligent textiles for use at home.


Masstige skin care and cosmetics brand using natural arctic ingredients.



Cosmeceutical skincare focused on anti-aging prestige products.



Leading direct marketer of premium beauty and wellness products in India.



Beauty and health product company in China focusing on nutri-beauty.



IPL technology for at-home beauty devices such as permanent hair removal.



Prestige dermatology-inspired cosmetics and skin care products.



A chain of branded day spas operating in UK, Canada and Spain.



An eCommerce Measurement & Optimization platform, used by the leading CPG manufacturers to drive online sales around the world.


The System of Record for Marketing, a complete web and mobile software platform to manage marketing in one place.


Turns consumer generated images into valuable brand assets.


A leading player in the rapidly emerging UK ‘recipe box’ delivery market.


An online platform for recipe searches, nutrition guidance, food shopping, and cooking.


A global provider of mobile marketing solutions to consumer goods companies.


A marketing and brand consultancy with market research solutions from behavioural science.



A specialist music agency servicing brands and their partner agencies.


The leading premium smoothie brand in the Nordics.


A premium frozen yogurt brand sold in UK supermarkets and own stores.


A regional ice cream & dairy brand in India sold via retail and premium scooping parlours.



UK’s first natural vitamin water. Acquired by PepsiCo in 2008 (now SoBe V-Water).



Catalyst based technologies as cobalt-free solutions in the coatings space.


Catalyst solutions  to lower utilities consumption and reduce chlorinated waste.


Oxidation catalysis to reduce pollution, lower carbon footprint and replace toxic compounds.


Iron based catalyst to replace cobalt in paint drying. Sold to OM Group in 2011.



Global leader in liquid repellant nano-technology that makes electronic gadgets waterproof.


An award winning technology company that wants to change the way the world uses water.


Novel green chemistry in sustainable sources of biofuels/chemicals.


Innovative water technology with solutions for water purification and softening.


Leading provider of home water filtration systems for health conscious consumers.



Delivering healthy meals and nutritional programs to schools through retail partners.



Leader in institutional water treatment in South India.



A social platform that incentivises people to take environmental actions.



Develops tools for water utilities to help customers save water and money.



Antibody platform for functional food products targeting gastrointestinal infections.


Pioneers and develops better delivery forms for proteins & biological therapies.


Specialty oral and transdermal pharma company. Acquired by Orexo AB in 2008.



Affinity purification camelid antibody products. Acquired by Life Technologies in 2013.


Case Studies


We invested in BrainJuicer when they had only one founder employee. Our partnership helped the company scale to over 140 employees operating in 11 countries before we exited the business in 2011.


We invested in BrainJuicer when they had only one founder employee. Our partnership helped the company scale to over 140 employees operating in 11 countries before we exited the business in 2011.


BrainJuicer PLC is a marketing and brand consultancy, with market research solutions grounded in the principles of behavioural science. Unilever Ventures invested in BrainJuicer in 2003 when it had only one founder employee John Kearon, the Chief Juicer. BrainJuicer has developed a number of highly innovative, and saleable consumer research and insight tools which translate breakthroughs in psychology, behavioural economics and social sciences to allow them to better understand and predict human behaviour, as well as automate research more effectively than conventional research companies.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2006, and operating in 11 countries, with approximately 140 employees by the end of 2013. BrainJuicer’s clients include many of the worlds largest consumer facing companies with large (in many cases, global) brands.

Key Highlights

  • Initial investment made in 2003 – start of an 8 year relationship
  • Helped facilitate a strong and enduring agency-client relationship with Unilever, one of the world’s largest spenders on consumer research. Supported the company with its expansion into new markets, bringing in local Unilever knowledge to help assess potential employees and de-risking market entry by building a first customer relationship with Unilever in local markets.
  • Assisted the business with its listing on the AIM stock market in 2006
  • Unilever Ventures exited the business in 2011 achieving a 17x multiple on its investment.


"Unilever Ventures combine the strategic and financial benefits of a solid venture capital firm with the unique ability to leverage Unilever, helping us to tune our proposition so that we could appeal to large consumer goods companies."John Kearon
Brainjuicer CEO & Founder



We co-founded mobile marketing company, Brandtone, introducing them to blue chip companies and helping them scale internationally.


We co-founded mobile marketing company, Brandtone, introducing them to blue chip companies and helping them scale internationally.


Brandtone is a leading global provider of mobile marketing solutions to consumer goods companies. It partners with global brands to help them develop a deep and highly cost effective personal relationship with existing and prospective customers.

Unilever Ventures co-founded Brandtone in 2010 as the sole institutional investor. At the time the business was serving Unilever – its only client – in South Africa. Since then we’ve helped them scale internationally by raising over €20m in expansion capital with Verlinvest (the family investment arm of AB Inbev) and Syngenta Ventures.

Key Highlights

  • Co-founded the company in 2010
  • Made introductions into Unilever and helped secure Unilever as the largest client with multiple brand campaigns in all key markets
  • Helped secure major partnership deal with Unilever in Sept 2013 to:
    • support Brandtone’s expansion into India, China, Indonesia and the US
    • further build on the relationship in existing markets like Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya
  • Brandtone now works with PepsiCo, SAB Millar, Kimberly Clarke and Kellogg’s.


"Unilever Ventures has helped us evolve our strategy, and understand how to navigate and service a large consumer goods company like Unilever."Donald Fitzmaurice
CEO, Brandtone Holdings Limited



Having acquired a majority stake in froosh, we have re-launched this fruit smoothie brand and business to drive it to number one in the market.


Having acquired a majority stake in froosh, we have re-launched this fruit smoothie brand and business to drive it to number one in the market.


Unilever Ventures acquired the assets of froosh in December 2008 when the business had less than €1m in revenues and was #4 in the emerging Nordic smoothie category. It’s now the leading premium smoothie brand in Scandinavia with high double digit growth per annum. We oversaw fundamental changes in the business, including the recruitment of a new management team, reformulation of the brand and packaging to make it more provocative and eye-catching, a distinctive new product positioning and a shift of the business model to owned and operated markets. We have also launched a fruit farm initiative to promote the benefits of trade with developing countries.

Key Highlights

  • Recruited Brendan Harris (ex-Coca Cola) to lead the business in 2009
  • Oversaw the reformulation of the product to 100% NFC in 2009
  • Used extensive Unilever network to re-negotiate bulk fruit mix costs
  • Worked with agency partners to re-launch froosh brand and packaging in 2010, leading to numerous awards
  • Helped remodel business away from distributors in core markets to owned and operated model with froosh sales teams on the ground
  • Raised external growth capital from angel investor in 2012
  • Launched first ATL marketing campaign in June 2014 in Stockholm and Helsinki – “nobody knows fruit like froosh”


"Having an investor with such a deep understanding of the business has been a tremendous asset for froosh."Brendan Harris
Chairman & CEO, froosh AB



Our investment and expertise is helping SNOG expand their portfolio of shops and build a presence in retail.


Our investment and expertise is helping SNOG expand their portfolio of shops and build a presence in retail.


SNOG is a zero fat, low calorie frozen yogurt sweetened with agave nectar. It currently has eight shops across London and has recently launched a retail product into the UK market. UV invested during 2012 enabling the business to further develop the product and brand, expand the shop portfolio and build out the core management team.

Key Highlights

  • Unilever Ventures invested £3m in May 2012
  • Five shops added through 2013, developing both the kiosk and high street store models
  • Late 2013, license agreed with Unilever to develop, manufacture and market a SNOG branded frozen yogurt product for UK retail
  • SNOG retail product launched in Waitrose in March 2014
  • May 2014, a launch marketing campaign in conjunction with Stonewall
  • July 2014, retail product distribution expanded to other key retailers


"Unilever Ventures have been instrumental in helping SNOG build the infrastructure and team capable to deliver on our joint ambitions."Anna Ghee
CEO, SNOG Pure Frozen Yoghurt Ltd



An indirect investment through our partners, Capvent, has helped develop the brand, build the management team, increase demand and expand the fulfilment network.


An indirect investment through our partners, Capvent, has helped develop the brand, build the management team, increase demand and expand the fulfilment network.


B.LAB, founded in 2012, has established itself as a leading direct marketer of premium beauty and wellness products in India. B.LAB supports long-form TV info commercials, Internet and mobile marketing with a personalized advisory service that creates customized solutions for each consumer’s skin type and usage. Unilever Ventures has an indirect investment in BLab via Capvent, our anchor relationship in Asia.

The investment has been used to further develop the brand, expand the fulfilment network, increase demand generation activities and build out the core management team.

Key Highlights

Capvent invests in B.Lab in May 2013

Unilever has made introductions to digital media agencies, and helped in changes to packaging formats and introduction to suppliers.

Significant increase in leads generated via Internet and other marketing models

Step change in backend execution and fulfillment capabilities.


"We look forward to continue working closely with Unilever Ventures, and building B.LAB to be a great brand."Naveen Bhavanishankar
Founder, B.Lab


Iluminage Beauty

We invested $25m to grow Iluminage Beauty, expanding distribution, developing award-winning new products and refreshing this home beauty device brand.

Iluminage Beauty

We invested $25m to grow Iluminage Beauty, expanding distribution, developing award-winning new products and refreshing this home beauty device brand.


Iluminage Beauty is a global joint venture in home beauty devices owned by Unilever Ventures and Syneron Medical Ltd. It combines Unilever’s global experience in consumer beauty product development and marketing and Syneron Medical’s expertise in professional aesthetic device technology.

Product areas include hair removal, acne and skin rejuvenation – and the range encompasses devices, topicals and intelligent textiles. Current key markets include North America, Europe and Israel.

Key highlights

  • Created JV with Syneron Medical in December 2013
  • Invested $25m to fund expansion
  • Worked with the business to develop branding strategy and to premiumise branding and packaging:
  • Iluminage Beauty Skin Smoothing Laser took 1st place in the Tools and At-Home Devices class at the HBA Global 2014 International Package Design Awards
  • Iluminage Beauty’s intelligent textile pillowcase won Neiman Marcus 2014 Beauty Award for the Best Kept Secrets Category
  • Supported the business in building UK operating model and developing organisational capability
  • Facilitated introductions to distributors in Asia
  • Secured Jack Gallagher, ex-CEO of Clarisonic as NED
  • Recruited George Cleary (previously President of COTY Americas) as CEO


"I was attracted to this role, both by the potential for Iluminage Beauty in the market and the opportunity to build a business with aligned shareholders. Unilever Ventures acts like a PE/VC firm but can leverage the strength of a multinational."George Cleary
CEO, Iluminage Beauty

Iluminage Beauty

Investment Team

Our core team of investment experts are based in London,
Mumbai and New York.

M&A professional, Olivier has led a large number of transformative acquisition and divestment transactions for Unilever in different parts of the world. Over the last 20 years in Unilever, he has held senior positions in finance, strategy and business development. Olivier leads Unilever Ventures Investment Committee and manages relationships with a number of Corporate and Venture Capital funds and Private Equity funds around the world. He is currently a Board Director of Iluminage Beauty, Yummly, REN and ioma.

Olivier Garel Head of Ventures

John has been the MD of Unilever Ventures direct investment fund for the past 14 years, during which time he has sat on thirteen Boards, four as Chair. Currently he is also Non Exec Chair of; The Co-Op's Federal Retail Services Co which co-ordinates UK retail activities, Innovate UK’s Emerging Technologies & Industries Advisory Board and The Big Innovation Centre Governing Board. He is also a Non Exec Director of The Stobart Group PLC.

John Coombs Managing Director

Andrew joined Unilever as a marketing trainee in 1985 after studying Biochemistry at Cambridge University and has a general management, marketing and finance background. Andrew worked on setting up Unilever’s Corporate Venture Group prior to the establishment of Unilever Ventures, which he co-founded in 2002. His primary focus is investment in Personal Care. He is currently on the Boards of iluminage Beauty, Arecor and VHsquared and was on the Board of BAC, CyDen and Pharmakodex before Unilever Ventures successful exit from these companies.

Andrew Lane Director

Jan joined Unilever Ventures as a founder member in 2002. Jan leads the Digital Practice in Europe from the London office for investments in digital marketing, digital media, consumer insight, and eCommerce. Jan started his career in marketing 1989 and had over 12 years of marketing and sales experience with Unilever. He had a number of international marketing roles including European Marketing Manager for Persil and regional Marketing Manager for Oral Care for the Middle East and North Africa based in Dubai. Jan has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Cambridge University. Jan is currently a director on the board of a number of portfolio companies including Brandtone, Froosh, and Big Sync Music.

Jan Harley Director

Rachel brings over 20 years’ experience in senior management roles in an early stage beauty business, venture capital investing and corporate finance. After 10 years in Finance, in 2002 Rachel joined Unilever Ventures and spent 5 years working on early stage, cross sector deals. From 2007 to 2013, Rachel held a number of general management positions including Group CEO of a beauty company with operations in UK, Spain and Canada. Rachel specialises in Personal Care. Rachel holds a first class honours degree from the University of Sheffield. She is currently an Observer on the Board of Iluminage Beauty and a Board Director of REN.

Rachel Harris Director

Anna joined Unilever Ventures in 2003 after close to 10 years in financial advisory and then venture capital investment. Anna works on new investment opportunities, now primarily in Personal Care, the structuring and execution of deals as well as the Board level management of portfolio companies. Anna is Swedish; she lived 12 years in France and holds a degree from the French graduate school of management ESSEC. She previously worked from investment to exit on V Water, CyDen, PharmaKodex and BAC as well as UV’s investments in iluminage, Froosh, VHsquared and several technology spin-outs. She is currently a Board director of Chemsenti, Catexel and Cequus.

Anna Ohlsson-Baskerville Director

Richard Lagnado joined Unilever Ventures in September 2005. He is currently seconded to Langholm Capital, one of the p.e. funds that Unilever Ventures has invested in.

Richard brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, general management and new business development, gained through local, regional and global leadership roles within Unilever.

Richard’s experience spans several product categories (personal care, frozen foods, ice cream, industrial detergents), and he has lived and worked in a wide range of geographies(Brazil, UK, Argentina, USA).

Recent roles include Vice President of Strategy for Unilever Home and Personal Care, and Managing Director, Unilever Frozen Foods Argentina. Prior to that, Richard led a major global R&D initiative in IceCream.

Born in Brazil, he has an Industrial Engineering Degree from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and an MBA from INSEAD.

Richard Lagnado Investment Director

Pawan has over 12 years of diversified industry experience in FMCG & Telecom working with companies like Unilever, Britannia and Nokia. Pawan joined Unilever in 2008 and has held various positions in Finance. Most recently, he served as Global Finance Director for the Water Category. Pawan has experience in M&A and played a key role in Unilever’s 2014 investment in a Chinese Water Purifier Company - Qinyuan. In April 2015, he was appointed Investment Director-Asia for Unilever Ventures where he is responsible for UV’s operations in Asia, including fund relationships. Pawan is a certified Chartered Accountant.

Pawan Chaturvedi Investment Director, Asia

Stephen joined Unilever Ventures in 2006 from Burlington Consultants, a strategy consultancy which was acquired in 2005 by Deloitte & Touche LLP. At Burlington / Deloitte, he worked on numerous commercial due diligence assignments for private equity clients and debt providers as well as advising corporate clients on a variety of strategic business issues across multiple sectors. Stephen has been involved in UV’s investments into Froosh (smoothies), CyDen (beauty devices, since exited), P2i (smart coatings), SNOG Pure Frozen Yogurt (frozen yogurt) and Big Sync Music (music licensing). Stephen holds a first class honours degree in Business from the University of Bath and is a Director of Froosh, SNOG Pure Frozen Yogurt and Big Sync Music.

Stephen Willson Investment Director

Ian joined Unilever Ventures in 2010 and focuses on digital technology deals. He is a Board director of Voltea and CDDM Tech, and he previously worked on our exit of Rahu Catalytics, as well as UV’s investments in Brandtone, VH2, iluminage, Syneron Beauty and CDDM Tech. Prior to joining Unilever Ventures, Ian was a strategy consultant with L.E.K. in London and Melbourne. He has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Cambridge University and an MSci in Chemistry from Bristol University.

Ian Lane Principal

Amelia joined Unilever Ventures’ Investment Team in 2015, with a primary focus on digital technology deals. Prior to this Amelia was a Strategy Consultant within the M&A practice at Accenture. Amelia has experience in transactions across Technology and Consumer Goods, and led due diligence activities for Accenture’s UK digital innovation fund. Amelia has a BA Hons degree in Philosophy from Durham University, and further training includes CIMA, CFA IMC, and an MBA Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development module. Amelia also set-up, and ran a domestic services business, and is the founder of a non-profit organisation focusing on women in business.

Amelia Townsend Investment Associate

Financial business partner on European and US direct investments; responsible for portfolio performance processes as well as providing transactional support on specific deals. Interfaces with Unilever Group on accounting and reporting impact of these investments. Is FCA Compliance and Money Laundering Officer and is responsible for UK and US office accounting operations. Prior to joining Unilever Ventures in 2006, Paul had 13 years of experience supporting Unilever FMCG operations in Europe. His roles have ranged from sales and marketing support, category finance manager, financial accounting operations, company planning and analysis to internal audit and business systems implementation.

Paul Hart Finance Controller - Direct

Jay Miranda joined Unilever Ventures in 2004 and is the Financial Controller responsible for the evaluation and ongoing financial management of Fund investments and Co-investments across Europe, the US and Asia. She has over 20 years’ experience in financial, commercial and manufacturing accounting and her category experience has been all within Foods and has focused on the area of Spreads and Dressings. During her time in Ventures, Jay has been extensively involved in exploring and entering new markets.

Jay graduated in 1990 with a degree in Accounting and Finance from The University of Birmingham and prior to joining Unilever; Jay trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers gaining 4 years of extensive audit experience in manufacturing and the foods sector.

Jay Miranda Financial Controller - Funds

Amanda joined Unilever Ventures in 2011 having previously held a role as tax manager for Unilever’s UK operating companies. Her role is to provide tax support for all Ventures transactions. She acts as a single global point of contact on all tax issues, coordinating tax advice from various jurisdictions. Amanda advises on tax structuring within the framework of Unilever’s Tax Principles. During her time at Ventures, she has been involved in exploring and setting up new structures to enable Ventures to enter new markets and also in various disposals both intra-group and to external buyers.

Amanda qualified as a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser with Ernst & Young in Manchester and has over 10 years’ experience working in tax in various roles both in practice and more recently as an in-house tax adviser.

Amanda Clarke Tax Manager

Geoff joined Unilever Ventures in 2013. His primary role is to provide financial support to the UV team and portfolio companies.

Geoff acts as first contact point for management teams on financial issues and processes and provides analysis on portfolio performance. Geoff is also responsible for quarterly Unilever group reporting process and day to day accounting operations and control.

His prior experience includes both Audit and Restructuring roles at Deloitte, and holds a BA in Accounting and Management from the University of London.

Geoff Yang Finance Analyst

Lana joined Unilever Ventures in 2015 as PA to the Head and Directors of Unilever Ventures. Prior to this Lana was a Global Commercial Assistant within the Oncology and Brillinta team at AstraZeneca. Lana is also responsible for the firm’s day to day operations, including network infrastructure, telecommunications and technical support. She acts as a contact for 3rd parties on office services and property issues, as well as being the front of house for the office, and supporting the rest of the UV team. Lana has a Diploma in Business & Secretarial Management and holds a BAppSocSci in Counselling and Communication.

Lana Base PA/Office Manager

Advisers and Portfolio Company Non Exec Directors

We have a global network of world-class sector and functional experts inside and outside Unilever.


Dr Shimon Eckhouse

NXD, Iluminage
Chairman Syneron Medical

Jack Gallagher

NXD, Iluminage
Ex-President Clarisonic

Vasiliki Petrou

Global SVP Prestige, Unilever
Personal Care & Digital Advisory Boards

Andrei Gemeneanu

VP Prestige, Unilever
Personal Care Advisory Board

Pamela Dickson

VP Finance, Prestige, Unilever
Personal Care Advisory Board

Paul Fenwick

VP M&A, Personal Care, Unilever
Personal Care Advisory Board

David Wheldon

NXD Brandtone

Mark McClennon

VP ETS, IT, Unilever
Digital Advisory Board

Luis Di Como

SVP Global Media, Unilever
Digital Advisory Board

Keith Higgins

SVP Customer, Global eCom, Unilever
Digital Advisory Board

Marc Mathieu

SVP Marketing, Unilever
Digital Advisory Board

Stan Sthanunathan

VP CMI, Unilever
Digital Advisory Board

Babs Rangaiah

VP Global Media, Unilever
Digital Advisory Board

Roland Sieker

VP Strategy Foods, Unilever
Digital Advisory Board

Dorcas Lau

VP Digital Marketing & eCom, North Asia, Unilever
Digital Advisory Board

Frederic Court

General Partner & Founder, Felix Capital

Graham Blashill

NXD, Froosh

Mark Angela

Chief Commercial Officer, SSP Group

Dean Sptaz

NXD Voltea

Dr Alan Smith CBE FRS

NXD Arecor
Ex-Chief Scientific Officer Genzyme

Dr Andrew Richards

NXD Arecor
Biotech Angel Investor

Bryan Morton


David Greensmith

NXD, Chemsenti, Catexel and Cequus

Equity Partners

Langholm Capital

Langholm Capital is a private equity firm focused on the consumer sector. Specialising in providing growth capital and funding buy-outs of small to mid-size companies in the UK and Europe, Langholm Capital has partnered with founder entrepreneurs and management teams to build many market-leading brands. Past and current investments include Dorset Cereals, Just Retirement, Lumene, and Tyrrells Crisps.

Established in 2002, Langholm Capital has offices in London.


Catterton is a leading private equity firm with an exclusive focus on providing equity capital to small to middle-market consumer companies in North America which are well positioned for attractive growth.

Catterton operates out of offices in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Felix Capital

Felix Capital is a London based VC firm launched by Frederic Court, former partner at Advent Ventures where he achieved huge success with investments in successful start-ups such as Farfetch, Zong (sold to eBay), Vitrue (Oracle) and Ubiquisys (Cisco). Felix is a venture firm for the creative class, at the intersection of technology and creativity, focused on opportunities in digital lifestyle.


Other funds that Unilever Ventures works with include Physic Ventures, Swander Pace and Ambit.


FounderMade Beauty 2016

  • Date:7th October 2016
  • Location:New York
  • Name of contact attending:Anna Ohlsson-Baskerville and Stephen Willson
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Web Summit

  • Date:8th – 10th Nov 2016
  • Location:Lisbon
  • Name of contact attending:Jan Harley & Amelia Townsend
  • More information

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To start the journey, get in touch at UV.investments@unilever.com or on +44 (0)20 7321 6199.


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