Catexel Video Series puts a Spotlight on the Value of Technical Commercialisation

Research and development is at the heart of Catexel’s business. This capability has allowed us to leverage our technology platforms and catalyst portfolio across a number of sectors for large-scale industrial processes.

But it can be difficult to, firstly identify, then translate the most rewarding research routes into commercially viable solutions. Managing the innovation pipeline is all about having the right people, processes and technologies in place to make informed decisions, with speed.

Technology and innovation management company, nu Angle helps its clients capture real value from investment in R&D. It specialises in helping clients to align technology direction with commercial priorities, create value from ideas and innovation and build client capability around technology management.

This work means that Dr. Steve Bone, co-founder of nu Angle works closely with Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) in world-leading companies so we’ve collaborated with him to shine a spotlight on the value of technical commercialisation.

In the footage, Dr. Steve Bone, interviews Catexel CTO Dr. Ronald Hage, offering insightful peer-to-peer insights for technical team leaders.

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